Cylinder Services

We come to you! Our local technicians test, weigh and determine the purity of your refrigerant. We document every pound removed, leaving your team with the required documentation. Your cylinders are left clean and ready for reuse in the field. Just think, you'll never have to haul your heavy full cylinders to a supply house ever again.


Cylinder Services!

On Your Schedule

We work on your schedule 24/7 and get your cylinders ready to go. We respond very quickly. We know the faster we get your refrigerant recovered, the faster you can resume operations.

Time is money!

We come to you! Our on-site service means that you never have to haul your full cylinders again. Our local, certified technicians empty your cylinders at your shop/warehouse or jobsite. Your cylinder and refrigerant remain under your control.

Instant Turnaround

When we arrive your cylinders are unusable.

When we finish, your cylinders are in a deep vacuum and ready to go. Your cylinders never leave your location and never leave your control.

Flat Out Recovery Comparison

Local on site testing and transfer (YES). Shrink wrapped and vacumed cylinder the same day.

Deposit and shipping? No deposits, you already own your cylinders. Testing equipment? We test your equipment for you. Mixed refrigerant disposal. Credit issued immediately on site.