Refrigerant Buy Back Program

Ask about our Buy Back Program. The buy back program at Flat Out Recovery & Recharge is different from most. We believe in being fair and paying you full price for your valuable refrigerant. While others are offering 99.5% to 97% purity, we pay at 95% purity. That's a substancial savings back to you! Let us put those funds back in your pocket!


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We Buy Recovered Refrigerant

On site recovery service. We will recover your refrigerant directly from a system or from your cylinders and let you choose to either keep your refrigerant, or use our buyback program.

Our buyback program ensures that we maintain our focus on providing you the best service at the best price every time by not paying you less than your refrigerants full value.

Higher Purity Standard

Flat Out Recovery buyback will buyback every pound of recovered refrigerant not at 98% purity but all the way down to 95% purity giving you more money!

New customers inform us that most other companies only offer their top tier best pricing on refrigerant that is 99.53% pure or better. Below 99.5% they significantly reduce the value of your asset.

On Site Testing

We test every pound of refrigerant on site before we remove it so you know if you want to sell your refrigerant staying in control.

Instant Value Credit

We credit you for the full value of your refrigerant. You know exactly where you stand before we leave.

We will buyback your refrigerant on the spot or request a credit for future work.

How The Buyback Works

We have no shipping fees, we come to your jobsite.

We offer our best price for every pound of refrigerant even if it has up to a 3% mixture with other refrigerants. We buy or exchange every pound including the oil!

Flat Out Recovery

Our Buyback Program

Our Purity Buyback 95%
Some Reclaimers 97%
Average R22 Level 98.53%